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What to Wear
Cathy Stephens

  No one should miss an event because they don't have a vintage wardrobe.

It is always acceptable to come in the best approximation of period dress that you can manage. (Or in modern attire if you don't want to dress up.) The whole object of dressing up is to give dancers the general feel of being present in a period ballroom. Therefore, fine details of dress are less important than being dressed in something that gives an overall impression of the period style.

Here we offer suggestions for what to wear to our various vintage dance events. (Also see our suggestions for dance shoes.)

Classes and Workshops
Come as you are! Wear comfortable and casual practice clothing. Some dancers dress in layers that they can shed as they (and the room) warm up. Many ladies prefer to wear a skirt so they can get the feel of dancing in a dress. Soft-soled, low-heeled shoes are important for both comfort and the protection of other dancers. We do not recommend athletic shoes as they can be difficult to dance in.

Tea Dance
For our afternoon Tea Dance, we suggest period "walking whites", one of your favorite costumes from the 1890s through the 1920s, or any attire suitable for an afternoon tea party.

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